In Memory Of Christy A Addamo

ChristyAddamoI was asked to pay tribute to Christy A Addamo ,who was lost to this world, at the young age of 28. When I looked up her name on the net I suddenly found a pretty young girl who in all probability was just living her life like any of us, on that fateful day she was perhaps totally unaware what fate awaited her.

When I read what her parents and friends had to say about her I felt I could completely identify with her though culturally we were poles apart but she also had her friends and her love. Her family and her dreams. She also wanted to grow professionally and perhaps have a happy and fulfilling family life. On reading about her I felt as if I knew this person and she was no stranger to me. I think like us she was also making her presence felt in her own simple ways. Her father misses her and so does her mother and all her friends. No matter how many years pass the gap created by the death of somebody so dear can’t be fulfilled. Christy not just your family but anybody who reads about you misses you! May you rest in peace!



2 Responses to “In Memory Of Christy A Addamo”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Thank you for remembering Christy.

    • writerspen Says:

      I was greatly touched when I read about Christy and understood that as human beings we are always connected no matter in which part of the world we are located.

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